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Online Sessions

Each session will draw upon my intuition and guidance, combining the therapies I'm trained in;


> Reiki                    > Chakra Balancing     > Sound Wave Therapy

> Mindfulness       > Meditation                > Emotional Freedom Technique


Sessions will be tailored to suit each client


> You will gain more of an understanding of your own health

> You will learn how you can help yourself heal

> You will gain more clarity on moving forward along your life's path

> You will learn to live a happier and healthier life



60 minute session - £35


Heal. Balance. Expand.

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1:1 Chakra Analysis

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Our Chakra system is the basis for our health, wealth and happiness. If we have blockages in the system, we have blockages in our lives.


The 1:1 Chakra Analysis is a 30 minute Skype session, whereby we discuss any issues you are experiencing in your life and where that resonates in relation to your Chakras. I then provide you with advice for you to help yourself heal throughout each day.


Price: £20